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Meet Suzanne Jackman!

Meet Suzanne Jackman!

Meet Suzanne Jackman – a passionate quilter, and creative pattern designer who adores infusing modern flair into traditional quilt designs. Growing up surrounded by the warmth of quilts, Suzanne discovered her love for quilting at a tender age. By the time she was 8, she had already completed her first quilt, a charming patchwork creation.

As her children entered the world, Suzanne's passion for quilting reignited. Baby quilts became her signature gift for expecting friends and family. For years, she dedicated her time to teaching sewing to eager members of the local 4H club, guiding them to earn numerous accolades at county and state fairs with their dazzling quilts and sewing projects.

Suzanne's own quilts have garnered admiration far and wide. Her infectious enthusiasm for quilting has led her to teach classes to quilters of all ages, sharing her journey at quilting shows and meetings.

In 2017, Suzanne embarked on a new adventure, designing her first quilt pattern under the name Splendid Speck. Since then, her patterns have captured the hearts of quilters worldwide, with enthusiasts from Australia to Europe and across the United States eagerly ordering from Her designs are frequently showcased in Moda Fabrics' catalogs, using the latest fabric lines to inspire creativity in quilters everywhere.

Today, Suzanne's creative endeavors extend beyond pattern design. She curates and shares fabric bundles and quilting fabrics at, adding a touch of her signature style to quilting projects around the globe.

When she's not sketching quilt blocks or indulging in her love for dark salted chocolate, Suzanne can be found delighting in the simple joys of fabric shopping and sewing with her daughters.

Connect with Suzanne on Instagram @SplendidSpeck and Facebook @splendidspeck to be a part of her quilting journey!

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