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Lighthearted Stripe - Light Pink - Camille Roskelley - Moda Fabrics - 1/2 Yard

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Per half yard - Continuous Cut for Multiples



Elevate your creations with the Lighthearted Stripe in Light Pink by Camille Roskelley for Moda Fabrics. Infused with charm and versatility, this fabric boasts a delicate stripe pattern that exudes sweetness. Camille Roskelley's design, paired with Moda Fabrics' quality, ensures a delightful textile perfect for quilts, apparel, and whimsical home decor. The light pink hue adds a touch of femininity to any project, making it ideal for crafting pieces that radiate warmth and joy. Whether you're a seasoned quilter or a DIY enthusiast, let the Lighthearted Stripe inspire your next creation. Embrace the beauty of simplicity and sophistication, weaving a tapestry of charm with every stitch. Bring your vision to life with this enchanting fabric that embodies both style and grace.

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