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Nursery Rhyme 1/2 Yard Bundle

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The Nursery Rhyme 1/2 yard bundle is super soft! It is a soothing and calm bundle to help you relax. It's ready for your favorite quilt pattern. Expertly curated for a tranquil and peaceful experience, the Nursery Rhyme 1/2 yard bundle is made with premium, ultra-soft materials. Perfect for creating your next quilt pattern, this bundle is designed to provide the utmost comfort and relaxation for your crafting adventures.

Birdsong - Sunshine - Gingiber
Little Swan - Water Lilies Golden Brown
Vessel - Ladders - Sky
Swan Serenade - Flight Cream
Make Time - Bluebell - Aneela Hoey
Mishmesh - Orange Soda Fabric
Scout Lake - Reflection - Sky
Diamond Stripe - Glacier
Evermore - Honey - Sweetfire Road
Winterberries - Gold - Blithe

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