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Petunia - Dove - Ruby Star Society - RS3049 14 - 1/2 Yard

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Per half yard - Continuous Cut for Multiples



Elevate your quilting projects with the enchanting Petunia fabric designed by Kimberly Kight for Ruby Star. This meticulously crafted fabric effortlessly combines classic sophistication with a modern twist, making it a must-have for any quilting enthusiast.

Petunia fabric boasts a playful floral motif, featuring intricate petunia blooms that exude charm. The carefully chosen color palette adds depth and dimension to your creations, allowing you to unleash your creative flair and design eye-catching quilts, home décor, and accessories.

Created with utmost precision and using premium materials, Petunia fabric ensures a seamless and enjoyable quilting experience. Its high-quality construction guarantees that your projects will stand the test of time, becoming cherished heirlooms for generations to come.

Whether you're an experienced quilter or a passionate beginner, Petunia fabric empowers you to bring your artistic vision to life. Add a touch of elegance and contemporary style to your quilting endeavors with this exceptional fabric. Explore the endless possibilities of Petunia fabric and let your imagination run wild. Order now to infuse your projects with the beauty of Petunia by Kimberly Kight for Ruby Star.

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